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Rock My Hair 1974

Ok I need to be honest with you, this post was scheduled to go up on Friday.

I'd take the photos on Wednesday and everything would run to plan. But then as you know last week I was poorly.

However the sickness bug wasn't the worst thing to happen to me, I got the biggest spot ever, (no joke) on my nose. It was that big it actually got in my eye sight.

So I postponed taking the photos until the spot left my face.

TMI? Possibly but I just wanted to keep you in the picture.

I want to tell you my secret of keeping second day hair at bay. 

Headbands? I got sent these two from Rock My Hair 1974. 

^^^Oh god look at my roots. 

I love the plated one the most. I used it so much when I was away in Spain. 

You can pick yours up here. 

Rock My Hair 1974

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