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October's Fitness Files

After having a week off while I was travlng it knocked me for 6. 

And with the dark nights coming in I've only been running once a week. A habit I am determined to get out of in the month of November! 

What am I proud of this month: I ran for a whole 13 minutes without stopping had a 1 min walk than repeated twice. I was so proud, if you have seen me in the last 2 weeks I have more than likely brought it up in conversation. 

Goals for next month: Run the park run, I can not believe I had just typed that. Now I'd told the internet I have to do it! 

Lusting for in my fitness wardrobe: I need to find a happy medium, I run with a jacket on as it's freezing but then I get too hot?! This month I am lusting after some running leggings. If you have any recommendations please let me know. I'm still very new to the whole fitness wardrobe. I've also bought a magimix in aid to help me on my healthy lifestyle. I pick it up at the weekend, I'm SO excited to get making some yummy things. If you have any recipes please let me know.

My healthy work out treats: Well despite my addiction to making cheese scones, (I made 3 batches in one week!) 

I did make energy bites from deliciously Ella's website. I forgot to add the almond butter but they still taste really good.

Any injuries: YES!! My left knee. It is really sore, but only sometimes. It's rather strange. I have an appointment with the phiosyo theripst but got to wait till end of December to get seen. It's so bad I struggle to change gear in my car sometimes. 

Monthly motivation: I honestly feel so much fitter and better within myself. But my motivation is that Rome wasn't built in a day. 

So here' to November (raises glass of fizz in the air) the month where I do my first park run! I'll let you know how I get on! 

October's Fitness Files 

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