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Making My House a Home

In December I have been living in my house for 4 years and it still doesn't feel like home. 

I honestly can't believe it! Where has the time gone? 

Often I worry if my house will ever feel truly like home or does any where really feel like home after you've left your parents house? To me home is where I grew up my house is just some where I live. 

It's hard to explain really. Does anyone else feel like this? Please tell me I am not alone? 

On my hunt to make my house feel more homely I've had a huge clear out and started to plan to buy more furniture. (I did the classic 'go to ikea and buy everything you need' approach when I moved in I wish I didn't). 

I thought I'd share with you somethings I've been looking at. 

I found a website call Oak Furniture UK and I have to say I've been on it every night this week. 

The first thing I'm lusting after is a dresser. In my house now there is absolutely no room at all for one. But maybe when I get my forever home. I'll have some where to display all my pottery.

Next up is some more draws for my bedroom. I actually need these and think I might order them after Christmas?! 

Another thing, I have no where at all to store any of my books so a bookcase is a necessity. 

In my living room I really wanted a corner sofa (which I didn't get) and a coffee table (which I also didn't get) I ended up with a two seater sofa and a puffy, which I bought on a very hungover Sunday and really didn't like them but my Mam did. Really wish I held out. So a coffee table is on my lust list too. But again, I might need to wait until I'm in my forever home. 

In hingsight looking back everything happened so quickly from moving out to moving in. I wish I had took the time. Saved up some more money and maybe just sat on the floor until I found the perfect corner sofa. 

Making my house a home

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