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Longhorns - Newcastle

Last Thursday something rather exciting was launch in Newcastle. 

The new healthy milkshake Canny. 

These healthy milkshakes are incredible tasty (and don't taste healthy at all).

Lisa, Chloe and I were starving! So we made our way to Longhorns in town, some where I have never been before and really excited to try.

We were lucky to get a table as it was fully booked. But as we walked in a table cleared so the kind waitress let us grab it. 

Inside the Barbecue and smoke house was very rustic. I quite liked the decor. Very relaxed, warm and I thought extremely cosy. 

Longhorns is for the meat lovers in this world and I was a little bit worried there'd be nothing on the menu I would like. Well I was so wrong. Since going there last Thursday all that has been on my mind is when can I go back! 

Cokes all around. 

I went for the big dawg served with pit beans. 

While Chloe got the big dawg with slaw. 

Lisa got the Memphis hot butt.  

And we got some chips to share, that really didn't last that long. 

I have never craved a hot dawg the way I have craved the one at Longhorns before. It tasted so good and I absolutely loved it. 

Next time I visit Longhorns I hope it's for breakfast. 

You can visit Longhorns on Mosley street (like I did) or in Jesmond. 

Longhorns - Newcastle 

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