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Ko Sai Fenwick Food Hall - Newcastle

On Sunday R and I headed up to Newcastle for a spot of lunch before my dreaded laser treatment. 

I stalked New Girl in Toon blog for inspiration on where to eat and came across her Fenwick's food hall post. How did I forget Fenwick's new food hall?

My sister is in Thailand at the moment and the pictures of food she is sending me have got my craving's going for some Asian food.

I'd heard goods things about Ko Sai so I made a beeline for there. 

We got seated straight away and I got chatting to the waitress and she said the Ko Sai had been so busy since the opening of the food hall. Ko Sai was the last restaurant open and I've seen lots of buzz around social media since the summer. 

Browsing the menu I was spoilt for choice, I manage to convince R that we should 'share' some starters as I couldn't make up my mind. We ordered our food sat back and chattered about the surroundings as it was so pretty.

The Thai fish cakes were the first to arrive.

They tasted delicious, I added some spicy sauce that was on the table already and my lips were on fire.

Our mains were the next to arrive.

I ordered Pad Thai with chicken, honestly it was incredible.

R ordered stir-fried Chicken, chilli and basil with a hens egg and jasmine rice with extra spice.

During our main course our second starter came, grilled chicken satay.

Our plates were left clean and I made my way to Skin clinic having had my thai food fix. 

The service was great and extremely quick at Ko Sai (which is part of 21 hospitality group in partnership with Chef Pla Somsri-Kirby) and the atmosphere was really relaxed.

Have you had any cravings for a certain cuisine? I'm craving pasta now. But there's no change there. 

Ko Sai - Newcastle 

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