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John Lewis Christmas Advert

Not my usual post but something I feel I need share with you all. The John Lewis advert is the Christmas advert I feel we all wait for now. I know the day it was released it was shared all over my Facebook page. 

Well I've just seen something SO funny. 

Aldi has done a spin off for the man on the moon. 

With the classic Aldi line of "I like this one and I like this one" I honestly thing think these two adverts are so funny and a great bit of marketing work from both sides. 

You must have watch the Aldi advert if you haven't all ready. 

But the John Lewis advert is still my favourite. 

The man on the moon has stole my heart, don't forget to show someone they're loved this Christmas. 

Which brings me to my Dad, any ideas what I can get him for Christmas? 

John Lewis Christmas Advert 

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