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Don't Judge Me, I've Got A Cleaner

Ok please don't judge me but yesterday my first proper cleaner started.

This is something I have been toying with since I moved in the house and albeit when I first moved in my friend said 'oh will you get a cleaner to help with your house work' My Mam replied so strongly 'No she'll do it herself'. To this day that conversation still haunts me.

So I struggled on. Struggled on I hear you say. How can I struggle, I have no children, no husband to mess the house the only commitment I have is a full time job.

But all the extras that come with working full time, trying to be a girlfriend, blogger, daughter, sister, friend and trying to become a runner are all rather time consuming.

So after what felt like a break down 3 weeks ago something was going to have to go, either full time work, my blog, running or trying to be a good housewife. So being a good housewife went straight out the door. (Lets face it I could't really give up work).

Here I am 20 something praising all parents out there who do it all. What's your secret? Do you not sleep? Or do you have a double to go into work for you?

My next challenge was finding someone who I could trust. Giving someone a key to go into your home while you're at work is a massive thing.

I asked around, a lot. Then one day chatting to my cousin she mentioned her cleaner (who she got from my other cousin). BANG there was my answer.

I met up with her on Monday night and we chatted for over 2 hours. I showed her around and I really got on with her. Massive weight off my mind.

Should I feel guilty for wanting to have the perfect home but also wanting to have a life?

Don't judge me, I've got a cleaner

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