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Bettys - Northallerton

Lets just say the breakfast on the ship wasn't great. 

So on the way home we drove through Northallerton and I spied Betty's tearooms and we decided to some brunch.

I love Betty's, there is something so British and civilised about the place. 

Inside just before you entre the tea room there is a shop full of Halloween goodies. 


Mam picked up 4 of the white chocolate lolly pops. 2 for her children whom are over the age of 20 and 2 for the children next door who are under the age of 9. And might I add all 4 of us thoroughly enjoyed them. 

We made our way inside the restaurant and got settled in our seats and pondered over the menu. 

I was in desperate need of a decent peppermint tea. 

On the speciality tea's page on the menu was a peppermint tisane which I ordered and came with honey.

Was far too sweet for my Mam but perfect for me. 

Our food really didn't take long. 

Mam order Kedgeree, I had such food envy. Smoked haddock with creamy rice was incredible. 

Dad ordered poached eggs on muffins.

The English breakfast, with the best sausage I have ever tasted.

My breakfast came with some really tasty toast. 

This stop was the perfect end to our trip. 

I was so happy to get home.

If you wish to book at Bettys you can do through their website here.

Bettys Tea Rooms - Northallerton

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