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Nageit Hotel Chateau Tilques

Have you ever been some where as a child and your parents always like to say...'oh do you not remember being here, we must have been here around 20 years ago and the England football team were also staying can you really not remember?' No, I can bearly remember last week let alone this particular hotel we stayed in once.  

No photo I took of this hotel did it any justice at all. 

The drive up to the hotel was so grand. 

There were peacocks romaing around but as it was grey and damp when I tried to take their photo they were hiding. 

^^^ But I found one sheltering from the rain.

We hauled all our luggage inside and got checked in. 

My room was huge and had a marshallow like bed that was perfect for jumping on. 

As it was Friday and all my meetings for the week were complete I think I deserved a good old jump on the bed with excitement. 

So happy that I was going home (this trip I was ridiculously homesick something I haven't experienced before and really didn't like) I decided to treat myself to a swim. 

In a budiling just across from the main hotel was a few more rooms attached to the hotel and the swimming pool. 

^^^No matter how many times I walked past these statues they still made me jump.

Bicycles you could rent to pedal around the grounds. 

And then there was the pool. Perfect temperature for an afternoon swim. 

The restaurant was in a building opposite the main hotel which honestly was only around 20 yards away. 

I'd been in France for a whole 3 days and hadn't had a glass of Champagne yet and that had to change. 

I opted not to have a starter but my Mam couldn't resist foie gras.

Squeezing the armagnac all over. 

I'm really not a fan of foie gras at all so Mam got to enjoy this all for her self. 

For main course Mam and I both ordered the prawn and haddock risotto. 

While Dad had steak.

Which we washed down with a bottle of red. 

As for pudding there was only one thing we could have on my last night in France? Cheese of course. 

The cheese trolly was the best all trip. 

After dinner we went back across to the main hotel where our rooms were and most importantly the bar!! We had one drink before heading to bed. 

I slept soundly that night. Maybe it was the 3 glasses of champagne and red wine or the fact it was one more sleep and I'd be home!! 

Hotel Chateau Tilques 

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