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Melia Hotel - Girona

We left Valencia in absolutely torrential rain and made our way North to Girona. 

Dad booked us in to the Melia hotel which apparently had one of the best golf course in Spain. 

Well there were a lot of golfers staying in the hotel that had obviously been rained off the course on Tuesday when we arrived. 

My room was huge and was perfect for me to have a cosy night away from home as for some reason I started to feel home sick on Tuesday. 

And the only thing I could think of that would put me right was a hot bubble bath. 

I went for a little wonder after my bath and I found the hotel gym,

and there was a spa but my Dad said the pool was only big enough for a goldfish. 

I then found the bar where subsequently my parents were there.

Before making our way through to the restaurant. 

Mam and I ordered a mozzarella salad with orange and pine nuts to start with. 

When we were half way through our starters Dads beef arrived. Which I thought was pretty random. 

For main course I got the chicken mushroom béchamel. 

Mam got the salmon steak. 

The food was wonderful, but I still found it strange that Dad got his main course half way through our starters. 

Our puddings on the other hand arrived at the same time. 

Mam and I both ordered the chocolate cake with red fruits and lime soup. I'm not going to lie I could't finish mine, Dad had to finish it off with his after dinner brandy. 

However I missed the brandy as I headed straight to bed after dinner. I was so tired and not feeling too great. I wanted to get an early night as we had a long day ahead of us tomorrow. 

Melia - Girona 

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