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Le Chateau - Neuville Saint Amand

I'm sure by now you've got the gist of this work trip. Driving and meetings all day. Get to the hotel, shower change and down for dinner. 

Well today was just the same we arrived in Neuville Saint Amand, and I was shattered. I hadn't even been driving but the day had really taken it out of me.  

I went straight to my room and of course, got ready for dinner. 

Popped my pjs on the radiator so they were nice and toasty for bed time. 

There was only our group and another couple in the restaurant. 

Choosing what to eat was fun as the menu was in French and I've almost forgot all my French I learnt in my youth and just speak work related phrases but we got there in the end. 

We started with beer, wine and nibbles.

Mam and Dad both ordered guinea fowl. 

And I had steak. Mainly as I can order it in French. 

It was cooked to perfection and the garlic butter was beautiful. 

For the side we all got a portion for potato gratin and green beans. 

For pudding of course we had cheese, we were in France after all. 

A bit of red wine and cheese for me while Dad had cheese and Brandy. 

Ending the night with some petite fois. 

I had never been so happy to go to bed as I did that night. I slept solidly until the following day which was our last day in France. 

Le Chateau - Neuville Saint Amand 

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