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Hotel Auberge De La Tour - Macon

So after a day of meetings in Spain we made our way to France where we stopped off at Macon. 

Macon is more famously known for it's truck stop or at least it is in my line of work. 

Macon is quant little town and I loved the church and beautiful lake. 

Tonight we were staying in the Auberge de la tour hotel. A small hotel where the chef checked us in before getting ready for the evenings service. 

My room was so cosy and warm. 

After a shower and a quick changed I made my way downstairs for dinner. 


The hotel was extremely busy, mainly with business men and women who were dining alone and the odd few locals joined us. 

The meal started with amuse bouche. 

We didn't have any starters and just jumped straight into the mains. 

Chicken for Mam. 

Pigeon for Dad. 

And steak for me. 

After our meal I could see why the restaurant of this little hotel was so full. The food was amazing. 

In France there is only one way a meal should really end and that's with Cheese. 

I like my cheese soft with a strong flavour and defiantly not blue. A few christmas ago I was addicted to brie (no joke) I would eat brie and crackers instead of an evening meal. Things got pretty out of hand that year. 

At the end of the meal I was as full as a gun and headed to bed as we had lots of meetings and a pretty early start. 

Macon France

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