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Glasgow, The Tour

Waking up in my cosy bed on Saturday morning. We got ready in our spaceious room and made our way for some breakfast, with a pitstop at the secret garden. 

And in Glasgow the sky is always blue....apparently. 

Can you spot the owl? 

Anyway we made our way down to breakfast eventually. 

I was super excited to make our way out into Glasgow, we had a jam packed day a head. 

But the shopper within me was some what disappointed we had such a busy day. Did you know Glasgow has over 1500 shops? I most certainly didn't. Next time I am in Glasgow I promise I shall shop and let you know!

Our first stop was to the Glasgow School of Art. Somewhere I had been when I was a little girl. Although I can't remember.

Top River Island // Bag Alexander Wang // Shoes Dune (Similar) // Coat Asos (Similar) // Jeans Levis 
Only a short walk from the hotel (and it wasn't raining yay!) but it was quite chilly.

Mackintosh was a desinger and without ruining the tour he designed and built this building. Sadly in May last year there was a fire and the money from the tour is being spent on restoring the building. 

Alex, our tour guide and a former student showed us around and gave us so much information on the building and the work of Mackintosh. 

Fun fact Brad Pitt is a fan of Mackintosh and has visited the GSA. 

^^^Mackintosh used the same master clock that had other clock attached throughout the school so students couldn't blame another clock on their late attendance. Something I feel my old headmaster would approve of as my school was a boarding school and we had no bell. 

There were two buildings at the GSA, the one that sadly suffered in the fire and the Reid building, which is where the students of today work and where Mackintosh's furniture is kept and on show today. 

I had such a good time, which surprised me to be honest. Having Alex as our tour guide was fantastic she had such a passion for the building and Mackintosh himself you could really see that in the way she spoke about him. 

After the Art School tour we made the short walk to the bus stop and hopped on a tour bus. 

On the top deck of the bus it was freezing, I should have worn my wooly hat. But there was still no rain which was a bonus. 

I love tours around cities in a bus. The information you are given is incredible and you see a city from a completely different view. 

I even saw one of my work colleagues from afar on the trip. I got so excited and told the whole bus. 

Absolutely freezing, we all needed a hot drink and something to eat. 

Afternoon tea was what we needed. Cup Tea lounge was our restaurant of choice. 

Much to Chloes' disgust Sam and I ordered a hot chocolate with our afternoon tea. 

I was really worried for a moment Chloe would move tables as we didn't order tea with our afternoon tea, but luckily she quickly forgave us like good friends do. 

Chloe got a special timer with her tea, apparently the perfect brew in Glasgow takes 4 minuets to brew to perfection. 

Now as far as I am aware a hot chocolate is like a brandy, the quicker you drink it, the more you enjoy it. Which is exactly what I did. 

And not before long our afternoon tea stand arrived. 

Chloe got her special nut free one. 

Everything on the afternoon tea tower was incredible, however Cup Tea Lounge were extremely under staffed and our wait for the scones was far too long and I was completely full when they came. 

But I still managed one, you know for blogging purposes. Which got me thinking how do you have a scone? With cream and jam or jam and cream? I have mine with cream and jam but one member of the party had the latter, who knew that was a thing?! 

Now, you didn't think 3 blogging ladies could go all the way to Glasgow and I wouldn't vlog did you? Course not. Check out my video if you prefer a more visual look of what we got up too. 

I have never wanted to go back to a city so close to home as I have done as Glasgow. Glasgow I will be back! 

Glasgow - The Tour 

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