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Galway Oyster Festival Night One

Ireland is in my blood. My Mam's side of the family are from there, I never actually got to meet my Grandad, but the photo's I've seen of him he looks like a kind hard working man and I am sure we would have been best of friends.

He is my Irish link and whenever I am there I just feel so at home.

Maybe it's the Guinness which I can drink by the pint, the air or maybe in a past life I was Irish, I just can't tell you why I feel so at home there. But Ireland is without a doubt one of my happy places.

I went to Galway on Friday. Getting there wasn't tricky I flew to Dublin from Newcastle with R and his parents, met up with our friends the pub theGalway Hooker in Dublin before hopping on the train to Galway.

I left my house at 0845 and arrived at the hotel room for 1830. Quite a long day of traveling but it was worth it.

We had a quick change at the hotel (Jurys Inn) and it was straight down to the hotel bar before we headed to the tent, whole reason why we were in Galway.

The 61st Oyster festival.

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Basically the tent is a marque in Galway bay.

^^The most beautiful bay. 

The tent became my home for the next 3 days.

With our ticket we got a free drink, I chose a Guinness after all my parents have told me to try the local delicacy when going to a new place.

Also with your ticket was a sea food platter. Which wasn't filling at all.

Then I quickly changed my drink to Champagne.

I really don't like oysters but I couldn't really go all the way to the Galway oyster festival and not have at least one.

My verdict. They taste like swimming in the sea with your mouth open I will not be having one of those again.

There was the small matter of the actual oyster opening Irish Championship. Which seemed to take forever! I really didn't think it would take longer than 3 minuets to open 30 oysters. Apparently they're harder to open than they look. 

So many people pushed towards the stage to watch. 

Which meant there was no queue at the bar.  

After the oyster opening the music was finally back on so M and I took to the dance floor and danced to the live music while the rest of the festival goers looked on at our great dance moves.

We stayed in the tent all night, drinking, dancing and I avoided oysters at all cost.

And in true Northern and Irish tradition we were practically the only ones left standing.

The perfect first night in Galway. After we were the only ones left in the tent we headed back to the hotel to get a good nights sleep in preparation for day two. Which you'll have to come back for tomorrow. 

What do you think of oysters? Everyone I've asked seems to either love them or hate them. 

Galway Oyster Festival Night One

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