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Galway Oyster Festival Day Two

Waking up hangover free was a complete bonus. 

To celebrate not having a hangover 4 of us headed out for some breakfast/brunch, it was 11am. I had heard The Kings head did a cracking Irish breakfast so we headed there. 

Something I love about Ireland is no matter what time of day it is you can pretty much get a breakfast anywhere. Stag parties were already on the pints while I sipped my peppermint tea. 

The sausages were so tasty although I wasn't keen on the black or white pudding. But R and D got that. 

By the time breakfast that been demolished it was time to get changed for day 2 of the oyster festival. 

But before we headed to the tent we went to see our friends new arrival. A tiny baby girl who is just 3 weeks old. She was gorgeous and so delicate and I even got a little cuddle. 

The scenery in Galway is truly stunning. It was a little cloudy today but I honestly think it's the most beautiful place I have ever been. 

After baby cuddles it was time to head to the tent. 

I was completely starving by this point and in my eyes oysters are not seen as a food that fills you up. On offer today was the seafood platter again and some chowder. Which was extremely tasty, all the food was so fresh. 

The men enjoyed lots of oysters which are certainly not my cup of tea. 

The finalists for the oyster opening champion ship did a lap around the tent before heading outside for a group photo. The atmosphere in the tent was buzzing. 

I also got to see a real life Galway Hooker. 

^^You can just see it in the background. 

I recognised lots of people from the day before which was great as we made a lot of new friends. 

After the finalists took to the stage to do their thing (opening 30 oysters) it was time for the judges to count up the scores and the band came back on and M and I danced our feet off. I can't resist a live band. 

We drank more champagne and danced until it was time for the winners to be announced. 

There were 3 prizes in total.

There's a spoiler coming so if you don't want to know who won look away now. 

Estonia won all 3 prizes! 

It was time for us to head back to the hotel to watch the Newcastle match who were winning 2-0 to the boys in blue (Chelsea). 

Even our taxi driver joined us to watch the game. The 2-0 lead didn't stay for long as the boys in blue scored 2 and we settled for a point but after the start of the season we've had I'll take a point from Chelsea. 

Getting changed again (yes 3 outfit changes in total) we headed out to find our spot for the England v Wales rugby match. A bunch of grapes was our pub of choice. 

Ireland is a very lonely place to be cheering on England. It's my second time this year watching an England rugby game in Ireland and I really wouldn't recommend it.  

After getting over the locals booing us and convincing a few others to cheer for us (even though deep down I'm sure they wanted us to loose) we ended up losing. Which was heartbreaking. 

R and I ended the night as all great drinking sessions end with a curry. Kumar's Taste was the curry house we went too for too reasons, it was close to the hotel and it's possible the only place we could navigate ourselves too after a day of drinking.

There is one more Galway post to come that will be posted on Monday. 

Have a fabulous weekend. 

Galway Oyster Festival Day Two

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