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Galway Oyster Festival Day Three

Today's vibe was completely different in the Oyster festival tent. Still hangover free R and I headed out for a late breakfast. 

Maxwells bistro was our restaurant of choice for a much needed peppermint tea. 

And of course an Irish breakfast. 

An outfit change later we headed to the tent for the final time. 

D had a rather fancy jacket on for today. A brand called Loudmouth. You should check them out. He got a lot of attention with his 'loud' jacket, I quite liked it.

Today was the kids day in the tent. 

There was a circus workshop and a flea circus. 

For the adults there was a food workshop on. 

But to be honest we weren't interested in any of that. 

There was still a live band on and champagne and oysters flowing but there were hardly any people there at all. 

We didn't last long in the tent today we said goodbye to what had been our home for the last 3 days and headed back to a bunch of grapes to settle in to watch the Ireland rugby match. 

Of course for this rugby game the locals were more than happy to welcome us in and we didn't get any abuse this time. 

We stayed at the Bunch of grapes pub till well into the night, the staff are friendly the Guinness is good. But at around 10pm we made our way out to the next pub. 

The Quays. If you're in Galway tell Keith on the door I say hello. 

Inside the pub is like an old church. Live music is on every night of the week. One of my favourite things about the pubs in Ireland is they are more like the local community centre. Everyone knows everyone and the band is always fantastic. 

R thought it would be a great idea to use my head as a coat hanger. 

We defiantly needed a curry at this point to 'sort ourselves out'. 

So where better to go other than the place we were last night

We all headed to Kumar's for curry number two. 

The curry is fantastic there and I would go back tomorrow if I could. 

On the way back to the hotel we managed to escape the lure of the another bar and headed straight to bed. 

The following morning we had a quick breakfast in the hotel and went straight to catch the train back to Dublin. 

The wifi on the Irish trains is a billion times better than any in England. There I am checking my emails. 

We ended the trip where we started back in the Galway Hooker pub. 

With some meat, mash and vegetables. My body was craving anything that wasn't champagne, curry or seafood. 

My trip to Galway was over far too quickly. 

When we landed at Newcastle airport there was the most beautiful red sky. 

I had such a good time in Galway, I'd love to go back and explore a little more. It's a beautiful place. 

Top tip if you're planning a trip to the Oyster Festival next year, stay at the Jurys inn hotel. It was an ideal location for everything in Galway. Really central and only a €5 taxi ride to the tent or around 15 minuets walking (depending on the height of your heels). 

Till next time Galway. 

Galway Oyster Festival Day Three 

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