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Dunelm Ridge, Brewers Fayre - Durham

I left work so late last Tuesday that the idea of cooking food when I got home made me want to cry.

It was raining, windy, dark and I had a day from Hell. Basically a recipe for a bad mood.

I had been invited to the Brewers Fayre in Durham. Not far out the city, near the Arinson centre. 

R and I looked at the menu while I drank a large glass of wine. 

We were sat at one of the new family tables, which was huge. More than big enough for all the food we were going to order.

For starters R ordered the nachos (which he wasn't that keen on sharing) without the guacamole. 

But I did manage to nick one. 

I got the potato dippers. 

They were the perfect starter for the cold and gloomy night. Sour cream and piri piri dipping sauce. 

For main course we went all out. R got a little bit of classic taste of America with a chilli cheese dog. 

Literally loaded with melted cheese, jalapeƱos and spicy chilli. 

With a side of chips and slaw. R really enjoyed his chilli cheese dog, I know this as he didn't speak throughout the main course. 

I played it a little safe and ordered a Chicken tikka masala curry with mango chutney. 

Which I am so pleased I did it was so creamy and tasty. 

Before pudding I got talking to our waitress about how I used to go to the play area when I was little with my sister. More than likely it was my Mam's idea to tire us out. 

Recently it has just had a facelift and I got a little look which took me right back to my childhood. 

I was very impressed with the bar too.

The bar area has been completely rejuvenated, with cracking new range of drinks including Cask Beer and Ale of the Month. Something I know a few of my friends will be happy to hear about! 

I thought Brewers Fayre was great value, their daytime value offer runs from 12 6pm Monday to Friday (I just miss out as I don't finish work till after 6) and means guests can enjoy two starters for £2.50, two mains for just £10.99 and two desserts for £2.50. Which let's face it, it's cheaper than cooking at home. 

It was time for pudding and we only want to share something. But when I saw this, 

I knew it had to be mine!! 

The family sharing platter. Strawberries, waffles, marshmallows, brownies and doughnuts, with chocolate and caramel sauce. Let me just put it this way, it was incredible.  

At the end I was well and truly stuffed! Perfect end to a horrible day. 

Brewers Fayre - Durham

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