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Dinner Party For Two

R and I have been VERY busy recently. Between working, me trying to keep up my running and our travelling recently we're passing like ships in the night. I decided we needed a Come dine with me style night. 

Where we eat around the kitchen table and not have the TV on in the background. 

I prepared a three course meal. 

For starters I prepared tomato and mozzarella and arranged it in the style of Gusto. 

Well all I can say is the chefs must have a sharper knife than I have as my tomatoes didn't look quite as good as the Gusto ones. 

I just cut up the mozzarella and sprinkled salt and pepper all over. Simple yet very tasty. 

I bought the tomatoes at a local fruit and vegetable shop in Ferryhill which set me back 58p for two and the mozzarella from Sainsbury's which cost me £1. 

The main course is a favourite of mine. Bangers, beans and mash. 

I got some Geordie Bangers from the Quayside market on Sunday. 

This giant cumberland sausage could easily feed 3. 

Pealed, chopped, boiled and mashed my potatoes. 

And I added a table spoon full of butter. 

I heated up the beans, fried off the bangers and fried up a few mushrooms. 

Mushrooms for me none for R. 

The main course was delicious. 

The bag of potatoes from Asda were £2 and loads were left over, cumberland sausage £3 Quayside market, Sainsburys own beans 35p and my mushrooms 90p but a lot were left so I had plenty to eat after.

As we were so full from starter and main course for pudding we had a Mars bar ice cream. They were on offer in Sainsburys. 2 boxes of 8 for £2.50. 

And intimate dinner party for 2. I asked R to score me out of 10. He gave me 10 out of 10 for effort and 8 out 10 for food. 

8 out of 10! That was way more than I thought. 

A massive thank you to Ocean Finance for getting in touch and asking me to throw a dinner party. It was the perfect dinner date. 

Dinner Party For Two

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