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Day 2 In Valencia

Sunday morning in Valencia was cloudy and a little chilly.

We headed back to the Mercado de colon (the Covent garden place) and had a little breakfast. 

Waffles and smoothie, sickly but tastes so good!! 

We befriended a local who was just like Alfie and was very happy to meet us. 

After breakfast we had a little wonder back to the hotel where I got down to work in planning my meeting for Tuesday.

In the afternoon Mam and I went for a run around the river bed. 

A river used to run through Valencia which used to flood and the council decided that they would diverted the river and build a motorway through the city. 

The locals really didn’t like the idea of a motorway and claimed the river bed as their own and they build a huge park. Mam and I went for a run around the park and there was so much activity going on. 

Children were playing and lots of picnics were taking place. But my camera stayed in the hotel room. 

For dinner you can more than likely guess where we went for pre drinks. 

Yup, back to the Mercado de colon ( the Covent garden place) to decided where we should do for dinner. 

Mam and I walked past a pasta shop yesterday while we were shopping that made fresh pasta and hung it up in the window. The shop had a restaurant out the back call La Fabbrica della Pasta that's where we decided to eat. 

For starters we shared an anti pasta, mozzarella and tomato and garlic pitta bread. 

For main course Dad ordered Osso buco pasta,  

Cod pasta for Mam. 

And pasta carbonara for me. 

Before walking back to the hotel in the most beautiful city I have ever been in.

Good night Valencia.

Day 2 in Valencia

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