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Birthday Girl

After a long day of travelling on Monday I got home, unpacked smothered myself in moisturiser and hopped into bed. Shattered. 
Tuesday was my birthday. I woke up alone. No cards to open. No one to wish me happy birthday. The worst sore throat and earache, more than likely from having such a heavy weekend. So I got ready as usual and headed on to work. 

At my work if it's your birthday you need to take your own cake in.

I'd just got back from Galway, the last thing I had on my mind was buying a cake. 

Luckily my Mam saved the day and bought me this chocolate one from M & S. It was the best shop bought cake I have ever tasted. 

Work went by pretty slow, basically a typlical Tuesday afternoon to be honest. 

I went home got changed into my running gear and Mam and I went out (I told you I was getting the fitness bug). 

Opening my cards was the most birthdayish thing I did. I got some absolutely lovely ones. 

And a very special gift in a black box. 

Mam made my favourite tea. 

Pasta carbonara with tare and share garlic bread. I'm going to do this recipe soon as it is so good and so simple. 

And I didn't need to help with the washing up. Which was a birthday bonus!! 

A real quite birthday but I need to go to bed as I was so poorly. I'm slowly getting older so maybe I'm slowly becoming less of a wild child? 

However, I maybe one year older but I do not feel one year wiser. Lets see what this year brings. 

Birthday Girl 

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