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Winter Car Emergency Supplies

My Dad has drummed road safety into me for as long as I can remember. 

It still shocks me when I speak to my friends how little some of them know about things such as tyre pressure, coolant and oil. 

When Point S got in touch about doing a collaboration I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to tell you about what about what I put in my car during the colder months in case I ever break down. Now it might be a little too much but I'd always rather be safe than sorry.  

A candle. For warmth and light. If you break down in the middle of no where and it's night time this might actually safe your life if it's cold. 

A lighter/matches. Obviously to light said candle. 

A blanket. Again to keep you warm as I have been known to travel without a coat (for fashion reasons) therefore a blanket is going to keep you safe.

Water. If you break down who knows how long it'll be until you're rescued (Good to have a bottle in even if it's not winter.) 

A Torch. Some of the country roads aren't very well lit and if you're like me and completely scared of the dark this will be your best friend. (I keep one in my car all year around.) 

There are some things that I keep in all year around like my torch and water such as a hi-viz vest and a tyre pump for those just in case moments. 

Just like I get a new pair of winter boots every year my car get's a different set of tyres. My winter ones are going to go on at the end of October and will stay on until about March weather permitting. 

My Dad checks my tyre pressure around every two weeks to keep everything right.

I actually find Point S a really good website. Tyres are pretty expensive, you can compare price on different tyres.

Someone once told me to that you should always buy good shoes, tyres and bed sheets. Because if you're not in one you're in the other. It's possibly the most important bit of advice I could give you. 

I hope this post might be a little help for you. Even if it helps someone I'll be happy. 

What do you keep in your car in case of emergency? I also have a pair of flat black shoes and some heeled black shoes for any fashion emergencies that might just never know!

Winter Car Emergencies 

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