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The GIN Bar - Newcastle

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine. 

I have always wanted to quoted Casablanca in real life. 

Well now I can officially use it. There's a new gin joint in town. 
After a long day on Thursday I went from the airport to the Gin bar in the Crowne Plaza picking my sister up on the way. 

If you're a reader of Katie Jane Online you might remember the hard hat lunch I went to at the Crowne Plaza a few weeks ago. Well the Gin bar looked like this. 

Now it looks a little something like this.

Emily and I were joined by some other North East Bloggers and we got started on tasting some cocktails.

We started off the evening with a Sloe Royale. 

Prosecco and gin. A lovely gin cocktail for the non gin lovers like myself. 

I was so glad when the food arrived. I hadn't eaten all day and all the cocktails on an empty stomach wasn't good. 

We had some lovely bar snacks. 

Without a doubt the butchers hot sausages were my favourite. 

Then the next cocktail arrived. 

The Gin bar Martini.  

Emily did the taste test. 

It was extremely strong. Two of these and it would be 'Goodnight Vienna' for me. 

We were treated to Sloe gin and cucumber sour. Which was delicious!! Very fresh perfect for a girly night out. 

The finally cocktail of the evening was a spiced Mai Tai. 

Absolutely beautiful. 

The old J spiced rum really made this cocktail what it was. The cocktail tasted of vanilla and extremely easy to drink. 

Emily said this cocktail was an interesting surprise and she really liked it too. 

At the end of the cocktail tasting I treated Emily to another cocktail. She ordered a Tropical English. Which had egg white in. Please don't let this put you off. It was gorgeous. 

And I ordered a Vodka tonic. I was so glad to see the Gin bar stocks Fetimams tonic. 

After all those cocktails Emily and I thought we better get some food before we get the train home. 

Emily and I headed to the Herb Garden for a pizza. It was my first visit and the pizza so so good. Soft base amazing cheese. 

I loved the Gin bar so much, Emily and I went on Saturday for some more cocktails. 

I ordered a Sloe Royale again and Emily got a Tom Collins. 

The Gin bar is fast going to be my new watering hole. 

Thanks to Emily for taking the notes on the cocktails for me too. Your hand writing is so much neater than mine. 

To round the post off with one more Casablanca quote 'Here's looking at you kid' - I love Casablanca. 

The Gin Bar Newcastle

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