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Sunday Lunch at Seaham Hall

I had a nice girlie weekend with my Mam. After out little trip to Durham on Saturday I went back to my parents house and we had a nice night watching Saturday night TV. 

But really I had been waiting for Sunday. I can't tell you when my last proper Sunday lunch was but I know it was a long time ago. 

Mam and I decided to head to Seaham hall. There's plenty on this blog about Seaham hall. From the Spa, Afternoon Tea and a trip for some posh mid week dinner

It was super windy up at Seaham hall as it's right next to the sea and I'm not 100% prepared for the colder months  just yet.

But my Barbour kept me warm.

We ate in the Bryron's Grill, Which is the most beautiful restaurant in the North East in my opinion. 

I didn't need to browse the menu for long as I knew I wanted beef. 

By the way the tomato bread is a must to try before you tuck into the food.

^^^ The bread on the right.

But believe me the beef is worth the wait. 

With vegetables and roast potatoes on the side. 

The gravy was so tasty, just like how my Mam makes it. 

Does anyone else hate horseradish? 

Mam loves it. 

My Sunday lunch craving was truly satisfied. 

Mam and I debated for a grand total of 3 minutes if we could manage a pudding. 

Not convinced we could eat one each we decided to share one. 

Oh my days. The pudding was incredible. White chocolate mousse with passion fruit granola. 

The passion fruit mixed with the white chocolate was the best combination ever! 

^^^My face when I noticed Mam had the camera in her hand. 

Seaham Hall's Sunday lunch was incredible. I'd love to go back at Christmas when all the decorations are up. 

Hope you're all having a good week. This weather has been awful. 

Sunday Lunch at Seaham Hall 

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