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Paolo Martini at Gusto Newcastle

As Thursday last week went on my day got more stressful. 

From work, to my favourite white top getting foundation on it to me running extremely late to meet the girls I was ready for a drink. 

But as I get even more stressed out about parking my car my lushest cocktail idea was cruelly stolen from my mind. (Next time I'll leave the car at home) 

I arrived rather late to meet Chloe and Samantha at Gusto in Newcastle. I ordered a mocktail straight away and we got chatting (you know how we girls can talk). 

Gusto has a the one and only Paolo Martini playing (a tribut to Paolo Nutini) 

The atmosphere was buzzing when I arrived and went electric as the night went on. 

As I hadn't managed to eat all day I was pretty keen to order our food to kick off the three course meal Sam had the asparagus.

Sweet pepper and goats cheese bruschetta for Chloe. 

Tomato, mozzarella and basil for me. It tasted so fresh and good. 

As you can see how good the starters were our plates are completely empty. 

At this point the music was playing, Paolo Martini was singing and we were all up off our seats dancing. 

Our mains came I reluctantly sat down (but carried on dancing in my chair).

Sam ordered pizza. 

Which Paolo helped her cut in to. 

Chloe enjoyed the salmon and dill rigatoni. 

I ordered the white crab spaghetti. Which was divine. I absolutely love crab and hardly ever see it on any menu. 

Paolo was still belting the tunes out in extraordinary fashion and I was loving it. 

Our waiter remembered me from the last time Chloe and I visited and asked if I'd be having the same pudding again. 

Absobloodylutley. The Nutella calzone is the best pudding in the whole of Newcastle I am not passing up a chance on having that. 

Chloe ordered the bombolini which are what I might order next visit.

While Sam had the sticky toffee pudding. 

I had such a great catch up with the girls and it was the perfect start of my long weekend in Galway (more about that this week) 

Now if I were you I would sign up to Gusto's mailing list so you're first to hear about anymore night's like this. 

It's actually my birthday today I'm so glad to be home after my weekend in Galway but I'm suffering from the worst sore throat and earache, not how your birthday is supposed start. 

Paolo Martini at Gusto Newcastle

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