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Mineral House Spa Crowne Plaza - Newcastle

There is literally nothing more relaxing than time at a spa. 
The Mineral house, the new Spa in the Crowne Plaza very kindly invited me for a little look around and who better to go with but my Mam? 

We had a sneak peek at the treatment rooms. 

Before we were handed a towel, robes and slippers we headed to the changing rooms.

The problem with the changing rooms is there is no where to sit. As in no where to pull your boots off or put your socks back on. It's all fine and well when you're dry but when you're dripping wet it proved quite a problem. 

In  the Spa area there were a few people in but wasn't too busy.

Mam and I chilled on the lounge beds reading our magazines that we took along for the trip.

Not wanting to make the other Spa goers feel uncomfortable waving my camera around I waited patiently until everyone had left to whip my camera out.

The Spa is compact but just what you need to 100% chill out, especially after a busy day. 

The Steam rooms is rather blue.

And left me looking very smurf like. 

The eucalyptus in the steam room cleared my blocked sinuses. 

After my stint in the hot box I had a quick shower before I jumped in the water.

The Spa bath (aka a whirl pool) where the warm water whizzes around you.

Providing you can get it to work. 

It took me a few attempts to get the bubbles going. 

But the swimming pool is what I was really looking forward too.

In a past life I am sure I was a mermaid being in the water is where I am meant to be.

I did a few lengths.

After my swim it was time for some food. It was well after lunch and I was starving. 

Naturally we headed to The Gin Bar in the Crowne Plaza, not for any cocktails like the last time (You can read all about that here.) We had some water but the more importantly we went for some of my favourite bar food at the moment.

Butchers sausages glazed in mustard with a potatoes dip.

And some tempura prawns with a curried mayonnaise dip.

The perfect relaxing Sunday with my bessie. What more can a girl want? 

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Mineral House Spa at the Crowne Plaza

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