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C'ome on England

The rugby World Cup kicks off tomorrow!!! 

I am so excited! I know you've heard me bleat about how I'm a football fan but I'm a rugby girl too. I've been to Twickenham twice and the 6 nations is probably my favourite sporting competition to watch. 

The World Cup is like the 6 nations but a million times better. 

Now I'll be on a few adventures during the World Cup but I can garentee whatever country I am in I'll be able to watch the games. 

Sadly I didn't manage to get any tickets at St James park in Newcastle (if anyone wants to take me I won't say no). 

My favourite place to watch the matches is of course at my parents house (which is still my true home at heart). Dad and I will watch the games together. On Dad's fancy TV he bought for the football world cup last year. 

^^^We're watching the football here. 

 More than likely with the fire on. Shouting at the TV. 

With my best furry friend by my side. 

But one thing is for sure. I will be watching in my England shirt!! Thank you! 

Come on England!!

Rugby World Cup 

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