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Yanx - Marbella

I'm back in the Costa Del Sol. 

The sun is shining, the Fanta lemon is cold and I'm eating a Calippo strawberry as I type. It doesn't get much better. 

I arrived on Friday and had so much work to catch up on I didn't get the chance to go to the supermarket, Saturdays is market day down Puerto Banus (Bull ring) so I thought I could have a look around the market pick up some fresh flowers, get some breakfast and do the food shop. 

Well the first time I have ever known the market being closed. There is a bike race on in Marbella and lot's of famous cyclists are here. Rumour has it that Chris Froome is here too. 

So I headed to Yanx for some breakfast. 

Yanx can be hit and miss. I once sat there for 2 hours for food but since then we have given the benefit of the doubt and it hasn't been too bad since. 

Yanx is about 15 minuets walk from Puerto Banus in a place called Nueva Andalucia. 

Usually on a Saturday you'd be queuing to get in but as the market was off it wasn't too bad. 

We sat outside and ordered some breakfast. 

Mam ordered with breakfast sundae, fresh chopped fruit with raspberry coulis and some yoghurt with granola on the side to pour in. 

Dad and I both ordered the English affair. Eggs, beans, bacon, sausages with wholemeal toast. Apart from the bacon the breakfast was lovely! The bacon was awful. 

There are lot's of cool signs inside Yanx but this is my favourite. 

Dad and I might even go back tomorrow to see if this is true. 

We'll probably be told to come back the next day. 

Hope you have a good week. 

Yanx Cafe Marbella 

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