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Redhouse - Newcastle

Last night was pretty exciting, someone I had never met asked me if I was the writer behind Katie Jane online. I got way over excited and had to call R to tell him on my way home. 

Anyway on to today's post. Last week was restaurant week in Newcastle and a few of us bloggers got together for a good old night out. 

We headed to Redhouse in Newcastle. 

Rehouse is just at the bottom of Dean street on Sandhill. I must have walked past it 100 times but never actually noticed it before. 

It's like a man cave inside. I imagine it is how my Dad would have his house if he lived on his own. 

I was there first, this has never happened before in my life. So I guarded the table and read the menu before everyone else arrived.  

It didn't take long for everyone to get there then we started discussing the menu. It is pretty simple to work out. There are a few option for your pie, mash peas and liqour (gravy to you and me) you just pick an option from each and order at the bar. 

The pies are made by Amble butchers and they are incredible. Don't worry if you're a veggie there is a few pies there that will suit you too. 

I picked the steak pie, Cheddar cheese mash, with mushy peas and red wine liqour. 

It tasted incredible. Literally the perfect pie. 

We all really enjoyed our pies. I absolutely love pie and Redhouse is a must go to for any pie lover. 

I haven't even told you the best thing yet. But on Wednesday 2 meals is £10. Yes that is £5 per meal and it's Wednesday today so technically it's pie day. 

Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to taking my Dad there like as soon as it's match day again? The best thing about the football being back on is all the new places Dad and I are going to get to try. 

Till next time Redhouse (it won't be that long)

Redhouse - Newcaslte 

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