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Pan Haggerty Recipe - A local Delicacy

I personally think the North East is the best kept secret in the UK. We've got it all, good beaches, great cities and even better food. 

Today's blog post is going to be a recipe for a local dish that until last Wednesday I had never tired. Pan Haggerty. 

So simple to make and unbelievably tasty. Traditionally from Northumberland but my Dad told me his Mam used to make something similar during the war but without the bacon. They called it Panacalty. Which is traditionally used with Corn beef. But I guess during that war meat was pretty scares.  

You will need. 

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 
5 carrots, 
3 potatoes, 
2 onions, 
500 ml of chicken stock, 
1 packet of streaky bacon, 
Salt and peper, 
150 grams of cheddar cheese, 
A stick of crusty bread. 

Start off by frying off the bacon with the vegetable oil in a pan. Once it's fried leave it to the side as you'll need it later. 

Peal your potatoes and carrots, and slice them along with the onion. Mam has a mandoline slicer so it was so easy even though she still doesn't 100% trust me using it. 

While I was pealing the carrots I had a little ball of fluff by my feet. 

Of course I gave him a little treat. 

He loves carrots! 

I used my Mam's Le Creuset pot. I want one so badly but they are way out of my price range. 

Once everything has been sliced it's time to start layering.

Frist in goes the potatoes. 

Then the onions. 

Then scatter the carrots over the top. 

Layer the bacon over the top of the carrots. With a dash of salt and pepper.

Then repeat. 

Finishing off with an extra layer of potato and salt and pepper. 

Grab your chicken stock and pour over the top. 

I used an Aga to make mine with. I popped the pot on the top for 5 minuets to heat the chicken stock right through. As I can't control the Aga temperature I thought this would be best. 

Pop the pot in the over for 20 minuets at around 180C to get the stock up to a boil and the carrot and potatoes are tender. It took me around 30 minuets in the Aga. 

Then sprinkle the cheese over the top and grill in for 5 minuets so the cheese has melted and golden brown.

Now it's ready to serve. 

Cut your crusty bread and grab a bottle of red. 

Pan Haggerty was so easy to make and the tasty meal I've had in a long time. While we were eating Mam and Dad told me about how they used to eat it all the time when they were younger. There's a huge age gap between my parents so it's been enjoyed up here for many generations. 

Thank you to Travelodge for getting in touch and asking me to write a recipe from the North East. It might be cold up North but we do have some bloody good grub. 

Pan Haggerty Recipe

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