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North East Bloggers Picnic by Alfie

Well I'm back. 

Have you missed me? I've missed you terribly. 

When my sister Katie told me there was a North East Bloggers picnic obviously I had to go. 

I'm possibly the most loved dog blogger in the North East, actually who am I kidding. I'm the most loved any kind of blogger in the North East. You can read my first ever post here. I reviewed some lovely dog treats. 

The picnic was held at Jesmond Dene park. I've never been there before. There were lot's of new dogs to play with and new smells to discover. 

It was a lovely sunny day see all my blogger friends. They loved me, naturally. 

I made a very special friend. Her name is Termite and I loved her. She was very kind and wanted to take me for a walk and give me lot's of treats. 

Termite is so cute, but not as cute as me. 

I even got a taste of Katie's ice cream. That's over on her vlog which you can watch here

I loved my first ever bloggers event I got to meet lot's of lovely bloggers and Katie got to see her friends again which I know she loves.

Right I'm off to look for a nice place for a nap, it's hard work being this cute. 

North East Bloggers Picnic

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