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Man Vs Food Heaton - Chillingham Road

When I received the email that Man vs Food grill house was opening a new restaurant in Chillingham Road there was only one person I knew I should take, R. He is an absolute meat lover! 

So on Tuesday night we made our way along (in the pouring rain) to find out what all the fuss was about. 

The first thing I noticed when we got seated at our table was the number of sauces available. 5 in all, R said there and then he was going to try them all. 

When we were looking at the menu that's when the problem started. 

I wanted it all. Like a child in a sweet shop I just couldn't make up my mind. Did I want a hot dog, burger, parmesan (Chicken pramo) or the beef brisket? 

This conversation with myself went on for a good 10 minuets. After great discussion with the waitress and R I had narrowed it down to a burger. 

Who had the restaurant slogan on her back. 

To place your order you simple head over to the till. 

While we were waiting for our food our drinks arrived. 

Possibly the best milkshake I have ever tasted. I got the Snickers milkshake and R ordered the mint areo. 

I need another one asap. 

There are food challenges at Man Vs Food. Not that I would ever take part in one as I know I'd lose. But if you're feeling hungry and complete the challenge within 30 minutes you get a Man Vs Food t shirt! 

While we discussing what challenge R would be able to complete our food arrived. 

I got the American burger. 2 homemade BBQ burgers with melted Monterey Jack cheese, crispy turkey bacon, crunchy onions, mustard mayo (which I got on the side) home made pickles, beef tomatoes and iceberg lettuce. 

The burger was HUGE and tasted SO good. The pickles and the cheese just tasted so good! I wish I was having it again tonight!! With the burger you also get 2 sides. There were loads to chose from, I went for the crispy onion strings and sweet potatoes fries.

The sweet potato fries went so well with bad to the bone BBQ sauce. 

R went for the Pulled lamb that was slow roasted and smoked for 14 hours with coriander and BBQ sauce. 

You also get 2 sides included. R got wedges and upgraded his other side for an extra £1 and got macaroni cheese. 

Man vs Food opened yesterday and I know it's going to be a great restaurant! 

Don't forget the food challenges are......

Man Vs Food - Heaton 

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