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Los Farolillos - Marbella

Los Farolillos is literally the best restaurant in the world. 

We all have our happy places. Well this is without a doubt mine. 

I've been coming to Los Farolillos since I was a bump in my Mam's tummy. 

My Dad has been going to Los Farolillos since 1986 and the first time he came was with Bruce Forsyth, they were on a golfing holiday with various other famous golfers and my Dad has been coming ever since then. 

It's not in the most stylish of places in Marbella. Tucked away in La Campana, some where not many tourists end up. 

I honestly dream about this food when I'm back in the North East. Spain is just a little too far away sometimes. 

The best summer salad called Andalucia salad. Avocado, onion, tomato and tuna.  

Prawn's pill. Prawns in pipping hot chilli, garlic and olive oil. No trip to Spain is complete without this dish. 

The worlds greatest tomato soup. Thick, creamy and the tasty soup I have ever tasted. 

These 3 starters are what we always order it's like our family tradition.

For mains my Mam and I always get the same thing over and over again. 

Pizza tropical.

Pizza with raisins, pineapple and peach. Literally the best pizza in the world. 

Now Emily's meal is something of a concoction that I honestly can not remembered how she came up with this but let me explain what she does. 

So she orders hake with chips and rice. Which is fairly normal. It's what she does with her rice. 

Remember the tomato soup from the starters? 

Well she always tells us to leave a bit and then she pours it over her rice. 

She's done this ever since we were little. 

Strange but she loves it. 

Dad went for something, well a bit more normal and ordered the Ultra white fish with tarragon sauce.

Los Farolillos is always busy. It opens at half 8 and is always full of tourists. Then as it get's later the restaurant is full of locals. (Spanish people always tend to eat a lot later)

A great family place that is perfect for a bite to eat after a long day in the sun.

I can't wait to go back for my food fix. 

Los Farolillos - Marbella 

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