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Los Abanicos - Benahavis

I have been to such a hidden gem in Marbella I can't actually believe I haven't been to Benahavis before. Well apparently I went as a child but I really can't remember. 

It costs €20 in a taxi from the port to get there or if you're in a car the road is new and pretty good. 

On Monday night my parents and I headed up there with some friends for a Spainish night out. 

We started the night with pate and and bread with the some tomato salsa. 

We nibbled and browsed over the menu and then things got a little bit chilly for me so I had to use my Mam's shawl. 

Benahavis is up in the monatins and it can get a little bit breezy. The streets are so similar to Santorini too. All narrow and all the buildings are white. 

As the Pate and the bread were so nice (and very filling) I decided to only get a starter for my main dish. So did M. 

Stuffed Avocado with prawns with cheese for me. 

Stuffed peppers in a tomato sauce for M. 

Shoulder of lamb for big J. 

Duck for my Mam. 

And a partridge (in a pear tree) for my Dad. 

The food was all served with a lot of side dishes that came in the middle of the table for us. 

There was also some chips but by the time I got my camera out, they were demolished. 

As we were eating and chatting away a band were circling around singing some Spanish songs. They were actually really good. 

No desserts for us as I was completely full. But when we asked for the bill we got a nice little ice cream bite and a shot of liquor. As I was driving, I stayed away from the shot and stuck to the ice cream. 

We left the restaurant at midnight. Benahavis was still well and truly in full swing at this time. The bars were slowly emptying and the restaurants were getting full. 

If you're in the Marbella area a trip to Benahavis is a must. It's an old Spanish town in the heart of a modern world. 


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