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La Sala By The Sea - Marbella

As you've seen on my Marbella vlog part 2. I went to La Sala by the sea while I was in Marbella. 

I've been a few times but not with so many of us as were there this year. 

I'm not fond of the beach, it's the sand. I don't mind going for a walk on it but after that I'm done. 

La Sala is the perfect beach day for me. You can see the sea and the sand, but you are no where near it. 

Booking was easy. I just emailed the date, how many of us and that I wanted a bed that had the sun all day. 

There were 6 of us so we got 2 deck beds that cost €100 euros a day each. There was more than enough room for us on 2 beds. 

We got 2 towels, 2 tiny bottles of water and a plate of fruit on arrival per bed. 

The fruit was nice and fresh, as we were the first to arrive I'm assume that it had just been cut up for us. 

Our beds were in the shade until around half 12. Something to remember if you're thinking of booking up. But as the beds at the other side of La Sala went in the shade we kept the sun all day. 

My sister is partially deaf, the music is pretty loud (which we knew and expected) but not as loud as it was on Monday. When I told the staff at La Sala they did everything they could to ensure Emily could hear better. They even moved the speakers away from our beds. Little things like this really separate them from the competition along Port Banus. 

La Sala have a VERY expensive and extensive alcohol list. If you're going stick to wine. We got the Sauvignon blanc that was €22. A really nice dry white wine. 

We also had 2 each that cost €12 (each). The way the Euro is at the moment they work out around £8/9. Not too bad but the cocktails were pretty watery and I wouldn't recommend them. 

Now even if you're not planning on going for the day, please go for lunch. The food here and at the restaurant that La Sala have just outside Puerto Banus is amazing. 

I haven't been to the restaurant in San Pedro but my parents have been a few times and say it's really good too. 

The menu is asian themed and everything sounded so good and delicious it was a struggle deciding what to have.

I ended up ordering the statay chicken with rice. It was so good. I can't wait to go back later in the summer to try more of the menu. 

Which to be honest most of us got. The satay sauce was so good. My tummy is rumbling thinking about it.

There were a few pad thai's on the table too. 

Which were also confirmed as delicious. 

I can vouch for how good the club sandwich was. As at around 5pm Clare and I were hungry and ordered one to share. 

Which of course we got an extra side of chips.

I'm heading back to Marbella in a few weeks and La Sala by the sea is on my list to go to for lunch and possibly another beach day if I can twist R's arm! 

If you're planning a trip go, just avoid the cocktails and stick to the wine. (Or a bottle of Vodka is you've got a spare €250) You can find the booking email on their restaurant here and tell them Katie Jane sent you their way!

La Sala By the Sea

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