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Funky Laser- Hartlepool

Last Friday night I had the best evening. 

Funky Laser kindly invited me and Emily along for a spot of jewellery making.  

With the promise of cake Emily and I headed down the Hartlepool. Somewhere I haven't ventured much to be honest. 

Very delicious cake I might add.

There were a few other North East bloggers there. We all had a good chat and then were told about the task in hand. 

Making a feather necklace. 

We got to pick our own colours which Emily found pretty hard. 

There were so many options that worked so well together, Emily just couldn't pick. 

Although it may look hard making the necklace was so much fun. 

^ The concentration in my face! 

With a little bit of professional help I managed to get mine finished. 

I picked colours I knew I'd wear a lot, gold, red and blue. 

I also got given the Blogger necklace and my very own Katie one! How cool. I love anything that's personalised. 

Emily had around 25 options for her necklace but the colours she went for in the end are lovely. 

I also love her name necklace. Maybe it's a sister thing. Whatever she has I want? 

While we were there I did get to have a rummage through some of the goods that they sell on the website and I found the wedding box. 

Don't worry R and I have no plans to walk down the isle just yet but I really love the idea of all the Bride to be things. Especially the necklace and the photo booth prop. There is a great box available if you are a bride to be or a bridesmaid planning a hen party. 

The feather necklace that is available on the website here. 

But the good thing about Funky Laser is they will literally do anything you want. Just drop them an email. 

I had the perfect Friday night with everyone. I wore my feather necklace all weekend and so many people commented on it. They were even more impressed when I said I made it myself. 

Thank you for such a great evening Funky Laser. 

Funky Laser 

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