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Francesca's - Jesmond

First thing you need to know about me is, I don't queue for food. 

I don't ever see the point. London is the worst for it. I didn't even know it was a thing in the North East. Until I went to Francesca's.  

R told me he was going to take me to one of his favourite uni haunt's, but then warned me there might be a bit of a queue. I thought the students have gone home now so it won't be that bad. 

How wrong was I?  

We arrived last Saturday night and had to wait in a queue that was out the door (This was around 8pm). 

And we waited. 

Just as you thought the queue wasn't that long, it went around the corner. 

There was a voice inside my head that did think it was a little bit ridiculious to que for a table in Jesmond. There's loads of nice restaurants we could just go to one of them. 

I didn't mention it as B and R were adamant that they wanted to wait. So they got some beers to make the queue a little more enjoyable. 

Well over an hour after we arrived, we were seated.

A huge sigh of relieve as my belly thought my throat had been cut! 

We had already ordered our food in the queue so there was hardly any wait at all.

For starters we got a tomato garlic bread to share. 

B got the bruscetta. Which was absolutely delicious. 

When we got out for dinner we always have a little bit over everyone's food. Which is great. When I got back to Francessca's I'm getting the bruscetta. 

I had the mozorella, tomato and avocado salad. Was so fresh. 

As for R, I can't remember for the life of me what he ordered. 

But it was delicious. Some form of prawn dish. 

As for main course I remember what R ordered, he made up his mind what he was going to have about a week before we even went to Francesca's. The chicken kiev. 

Which came with a side of chips. 

B ordered Steak with a blue cheese sauce. 

I literally couldn't decide if I wanted pizza or pasta? So I got both. 

Well half and half. 

I got the vegetarian pizza with half a portion of carbonara with taglitelli pasta. The pasta portion was huge. 

The food was incredible and wasn't over pricey either. 

I asked the waiter when the best time to come is to avoid the queue and he told me you have to be here around 15 minuets before they open because after that there is a wait. 

The food was incredible and I have to say I really can't wait to go back. 

Is Francessca's in Jesmond worth the wait? Absolutely. 

Francesca's Jesmond

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