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Santorini Day Three

On the beach yesterday we let the chaps book us off on a boat trip for day three of the holiday.

Meaning we nicked named day three Indian Jones day.

Making our way to the pick up point it became pretty clear that nothing was well organised in Greece. No one had a clue what was going on or what bus we needed to be on. So we jumped on anyone that said he would take us to the port.

As we climbed on the boat I was a little confused with what was going on.

Little me here was stupid enough to think we were just going on a boat to sail around the island and watch the sunset out at sea.

Well the men had something else in mind.
We were on a trek!!
Our first stop was the volcano island. Geothira, the isle of Nea Kameni.
As I thought we were on a nice little day trip I was wearing a sun dress and flip flops and we had to walk up a rocky road.

There was a lot of people there in full on walking boots and back packs. But luckily I wasn't the only one dressed for the beach so I didn't feel to stupid for long.
It was so hot and we only had 1 bottle of water between all four of us.
After what felt like hours but was really only half an hour we made it to the top.
I was so happy.
It was worth the walk to the top just for the view.

Once we had a good look at the view it was back to the boat for some water and a rest. My feet were killing.

It was clearly my dream of chilling out on the boat was long gone. We were heading to some hot springs.
But this meant having to actually jump into the sea.
Something you may not know about me.
I don't swim in the sea. Ever!!
But R did. That's his action shot jumping in.
Most of the others on the boat trip headed out into the sea too. So this was my chance to chill. 

It didn't last long. Lot's of wet bodies were climbing back on the boat and it was time to move on again.

We arrived at this tiny little island. Nothing else can be seen from the port but a few bars and restaurants.

There was wine that was all that was really important.

Oh and lot's of yummy Greek food.

At this point I was completely shattered.

I needed my afternoon nap.

With no comfy sun beds in sight I make camp on this wall.

And I had my 15 minute nap. With this view.

When R woke me up we were late for the boat and had to run for it.
It didn't help that L and I tried to get on the wrong boat too. Our men weren't even that bothered watching us getting on the wrong one.
We were on the move again. This time to the picturesque town of Oia.
As we had paid for the Sun set trip we got off here.
None of us fancied walking up the hill so L suggested we got a donkey ride.
This was the worst decision ever.
We made it half way up the hill but my donkey was determined to throw me over the edge.

Eventually when we got to the top the view took my breath away. Santorini is an island of breath taking views.

I was so traumatised by the donkey ride I needed a drink.

It was almost time for the sun set so we headed to the other side to find our spot.

Which was packed.

It was pretty obvious people had been sitting for ages to save the best view for the sun set. As we couldn't get one we stood for a little while and then decided to head for a taxi back to Kamari.


But I did manger to capture the orange sky. Before I met a donkey that wouldn't try and kill me.

We made it back to the hotel so late but the main pool was lit up beautifully.

It was L & A's last night so we headed to their favourite restaurant Prince along the Kamari strip.

We toasted to a good holiday and as it was midnight on the 1st of July we said happy half year too. I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by.
We were all together on New Years Eve so it seemed fitting we were together for the half new years eve.
If you haven't already gusted I'm slowly falling in love with Greece.
Santorini Day Three
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