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Santorini Day Six & Seven

I'm really sad that this is my last Santorini post. I've loved writing them. It's like I've got to relive our holiday.
Day Six
When I'm on holiday I get the strangest of cravings. It's usually things like beans on toast or ham and cheese toasties.
This holiday I was craving a full English breakfast.
I had no idea where I'd get one on the tiny island of Santorini.
Telling M, our friend we had made and he said I had to go to Liverbird. Then 2 other people who were also by the Pool piped up that it was amazing and we had to go too.
So I made R come with me.
Just behind the Kamari strip is where English café Liverbird is and as you've probably guessed it's owned by a couple from Liverpool who are living the Mediterranean dream.

We had no idea where we were going when we were looking for Liverbird, but managed to stumble across it.

We sat outside in the shade and my craving was satisfied.

It was so good. I ate the lot.
And then quickly regretted it as I sat by the pool with my bloated stomach, but it was so good. 
Utter bliss sat by the pool chilling out.
I was completely hooked by my book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and I didn't want to put it down.

So I didn't. The sun cream I got from Skin Clinic in Newcastle was my favourite cream of the holiday. SPF 50 and I like how I could see where I was rubbing it in. Some sprays I've used in the past can leave me with the odd red patch where I've obviously missed. 
As my book became scarier (the bit where they go into the chamber) it was time for an ice cream break.
For our evening meal we went out with M and S who we had met by the pool. We went to a Thai restaurant.
And of course we got some picky bits to start off with.
With a chicken chow main for seconds. 

All the food we had on holiday was so good. I don't think we had a bad meal any where we ate.
It was still far too early to go back to the hotel after dinner so we went for a night cap at the Irish bar in Kamari. (It had to be done really) 

I'm a complete geek over the moon and the stars. The sky was so clear in Sanotrini that all the stars twinkled. Which made the island even more romantic.

Granted in the picture you can only see the moon but it's so bright.

Day Seven

Our last day. I really didn't want to leave. R and I had such a lovely holiday so we really wanted to make the most of the last day.

Starting off by chilling by the pool and finishing my book.

I'm on to the third one now. The only problem is I need another holiday to read it!

But after a few hours of talking with R what we wanted to do for the rest of the day as our flight wasn't until 10:55 pm local time so we had plenty of time to kill. Although we had been kicked out of our hotel room our friends S and M had said we could borrow their shower to freshen up before we left which I was really grateful for.

R and I became to an agreement to re-eat at both of our favourite places along the Kamari strip.

So that is exactly what we did.

First stop King's for lunch.

We went at a good time as my UV indicator band had turned pink which meant it was time to get out of the sun.

Which are great if you're taking children out in the sun. It makes being in the Sun fun for them. When the UV rays is too high for them you can tell your children to look out for their band turning pink and they know it's time to get out of the sun. Great idea. They're available from Sun Smart.  
Anyway on to the food. 
I got my last fix of frozen chocolate. Which I'm determined to recreate my own recipe. 
I got the tuna baguette with Santorini sun dried tomatoes.
R ordered the bolognaise. Which he said was the best bolognaise he's had. And he's had a lot!
Of course we got a side order of chips.
So full of great food we had a little walk along the Kamari strip.
The sea seamed to be so wild. One of the reasons I won't swim in it.

We make our way to the sun beds by the pool where the water is much safer, for a reminisce of our holiday and we both agreed that day three was our favourite day. Just next time I'll take my trainers.
With a little afternoon nap under my belt it was time to have a shower and say good bye to our friends and have our last supper. 
And for that we chose to go to Prince's. My favourite restaurant down the Kamari strip.
^^^ My sad face, I didn't want to go home.
Of course there was wine/beer involved.
But it'll be a long time until I'm eating with view's like this.

We had prawns and bruschetta to start with.
And then my last ever Greek salad in Greece.
Major sad face.
We picked our bags up from the hotel and grabbed a taxi to the airport.
We actually coincidently got the same taxi driver 6 times on holiday. When there's only 39 taxis I guess our chances were slim. 
Santorini airport is ridiculously tiny. I get that it's a small island but we were packed in like battery chickens. Next time I'd check in and head outside to one of the cafe's around the airport.

 I hope you've enjoyed my holiday post's. The usual North East ones will continue next week.
Don't forget you can follow me on Instagram (@katiejaneonline)and on Facebook I post frequently on what I'm getting up too.
Have a great weekend.
Santorini Day Six & Seven


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