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Santorini Day One

After a very short 4 hour flight out of Newcastle airport we arrived in Santoirni in the dark.

Rand I were staying in the Aegean Plaza hotel which is in the resort Kamari. We headed straight to the hotel bar and waited for our friends to join who were also staying in the Aegean Plaza.

Being reunited with our friends, we headed out for a sensible drink in Splash bar which is only a 2 minute walk from the hotel.

Sat in the bar the man next to us randomly said that he knew my Dad and hadn't seen me since I was a little girl. It is such a small world.

As you can see by the photo things got a bit blurry.

Well that quite drink ended up in us jumping in the hotel pool at 4 am.

Waking up with a slight hangover and completely missing breakfast (in fact it was 1 pm) R and I headed out for lunch along the Kamari strip.
I finally got my holiday drink, it has to be Fanta Lemon. You aren’t on a summer holiday until you have one of them.
We were in Alimari. I had pizza, my all time favourite food.
R had Chicken and Pork kebab.
Full and no longer feeling too bad we made our way to the hotel pool for some chill time and some more drinking.
Making friends by the pool we headed out for tea all together.

Before R and I went for a nightcap. I drank enough by the pool to only have a Fanta orange. (Another holiday drink.)
As we sat in the Love Boat on the Kamari strip a pack of stray dogs stop opposite us.

I hate seeing stray dogs but these furry friends seemed to be quite happy I just hope they all stick together.

A lovely yet hung over start to the holiday.
Today was a good day.
Hope you've all had a great weekend. Sadly I'm home now but hopefully these posts will help me out of my holiday blues.
Santoirni Day One

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