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Santorini Day Four & Five

As much as I do want to write my whole holiday down on my blog I do realise it can get a bit tedious reading 7 day's of 'It was sunny, we ate and we drank'.

Therefore I've mashed day four and five of Santorini together.

Day four.

Waking up late as usual and completely missing the hotel breakfast, we went on the hunt for breakfast along the Kamari strip which lead us to King's.

I had my new drink obsession.

Frozen Chocolate. Just like my all time favourite hot chocolate but with ice.

King's has a very chilled out vibe which I love about all beach restaurants. Nothing seems to ever be a problem.

For breakfast R and I both had a mushroom, tomato and ham omelette. Perfect start for a day of sun bathing. Well I don't sunbathe. I just lie in the shade and read my book.

Which is exactly what I did.

We stayed there all day until our tummies said it was time to eat again. I went for a walk back to the take away where I got the Greek salad from on day two and ordered it again. With a side over of chips, naturally.

As it was the first time R and I would be on our for dinner we decided to go back to Fria and have a real nice meal.

Looking on the web before we left R had found a restaurant called Ellis. We got a taxi down and of course all the good seats were full. (Don't forget to book if you're heading over to Fria.)

The food was beautiful. We had a few picky starters. Which is my new favourite thing ordering lot's and everyone picking.

For mains I had tomato spaghetti.

R picked the steak.

When we asked for the bill we were given a little sweet treat. Rose and chocolate yoghurt and honey yoghurt. Really refreshing.
After dinner we had a little wonder around the narrow streets. The sky was still red, perfect picture opportunity.

I really wanted to get a little something for me to take home to remember my holiday to Santorini.  

I found a jewellery shop and bought these 2 rings. (My left little finger won't straighten, I have dupuytren's contracture but had an op back in September. There's a photo of before on my about me page)  

They fit my skinny long fingers perfectly.

Day Five.

Waking up completely fresh as yesterday was a drink free day I was feeling pretty good.

We lazed around the pool before heading out for a late lunch along Kamari strip.

I ordered my holiday favourite.

You guessed it. Greek salad.

With some tomato croquettes.

Making our way back to the pool for my usual reading my, book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and having an ice lolly.

But it wasn't long before we had a drink.

There's something about drinking fizz by the pool that makes it a million times better.

I explained this to R and he agreed, as we were on holiday I decided to treat us to some proper fizz.

Pool side drink Perrier Jouet by the pool out of plastic cups. Us Northern girls don't get much classier than this!

We were pretty merry when we went out to dinner. Through a recommendation we went to a Greek restaurant called Tivakio. A short walk off the Kamari strip.

You know you're in goods hands when the restaurant was full of locals.

With our tummies full we took ourselves to bed.

I hope you aren't getting bored of these holiday posts yet. There is only one more to come.

Santorini Day Four & Five 

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