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Pleased To Meet You - Sunday Lunch

Pleased to meet you is a gin bar in Newcastle that I more often than not can be found in when I'm on a night out after a football game. 

I'm usually there with a handful of customers from my *real life job* it's the perfect place on a Saturday after the football, it's lively but you can still get severed in a reasonable time. (Major plus when you have customers with you)

I've never actually thought about going for dinner before. In fact I didn't even know that they did food until a few weeks ago. 

We booked for Sunday lunch as a late celebration for my Mam and cousin's birthday. 

After a little bit of sale shopping in Fenwick's it was time for a cocktail. 

And that is exactly what we started off with. 

Cranberry & calvados daiquiri for Clare. 

Bonne bouche sour vodka for our Emily. 

Rhubarb & ginger gin and tonic for my Mam. 

Elderflower bay vodka for myself. That tasted amazing and went down all a little too well.

We didn't wait long at all until our food came. 

Emily ordered the pork. 

The rest of us ordered the beef. 

It's been a long time since I've been able to rave about a Sunday lunch but everything just tasted so good.

The thick gravy was drizzled all over the creamy mash potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, carrot mash, tender beef and crispy Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes. 

The roasties were so good that we ordered extra so we could all have a few more to mop the gravy up with. 

We didn't fancy any pudding after the food so I suggested we head to the Botanist for a cocktail as I'd never been before, there was a lot of hype around it when it first opened. (I never like to rush some where as following the crowed isn't something I like to do.)

When we arrived at The Botanist we managed to get a table outside with a fantastic view of Grey Street. 

I ordered the Botanist cocktail. It looked like it could have been my dinner in a glass. At first I thought what the hell had I actually ordered. But it was so fresh and as I had just landed back from Santorini I was still completely on holiday mode and the cocktail suited me perfectly. 

Clare and Emily ordered blueberry and passion fruit martini and a watermelon martini. 

Mam ordered a classic gin and tonic. 

As we didn't have pudding at Pleased to meet you we saw the desert menu on the table and of course we had a little look. 

And then we ordered the strawberry and marshmallow kabab drizzled in chocolate. 

It took me right back to my childhood when my Dad would let us roast marshmallow kababs on the BBQ then let us roll them in melted chocolate. Those were the days. 

After our sweet treat we headed back to Durham on the train to have a few drinks in the garden but then the thunder and lightening reminded us that it was Sunday and that we should probably put the bottle of vodka away. 

Have you been to Pleased to meet you before? Rumour going around around on twitter that they're expanding. A botanical garden is coming to Newcastle called The Allotment. As soon as I know more I'll keep you posted as always. 

Pleased to meet you Newcastle 

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