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New Reiss White Skirt

Before lunch at Pleased to meet you last Sunday we went sale shopping in Fenwick's.

Sale shopping is my favourite kind of shopping. Especially when I've had my eye on something for a while.

My eye being on this Reiss skirt.

But at £120 it was pretty expensive. When I spied it on the rail in Fenwick's the first thing I did was check the price tag, it was down to £89!

Still expensive but I loved it and when I tired it on my Mam liked it too. Does anyone else only buy something if their Mam likes it?

I take a photo of me in a dress/skirt/coat then stand in the changing rooms trying to Whatsapp the picture to my Mam. Then I call her to see what she thinks.

Last Tuesday was R's birthday. He's now terribly old.

14 of us headed to Zen in Durham for a birthday tea.

Perfect opportunity to wear my new skirt.

   Skirt // Top // Shoes // Bag // Coat - Similar

I love doing a twirl in the skirt.


Even if it was a photo fail. I still enjoyed doing it. 

Hope you're having a good Wednesday. We're nearly half way through the week. 

 Reiss Sale Skirt 

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