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Mars Bar Slab Recipe

When I'm feeling down there are a few things that can pick me right back up and that is a piece Mars bar slab.

It's like heaven on a plate. A batch of this will last around 2 days (if that) in my house. 

Dead easy to make and ready within around an hour. Amazing little pick me up with a cup of peppermint tea.

You'll need :- 
7 Mars bars, 
100 grams of margarine, 
A load of rice Krispies, 
80 grams of Galaxy chocolate. 

Firstly dice your mars bars into small chunks. 

Pop them into a bowl and melt the chocolate down bain-marie style. (Basically place your bowl on the top of a pan of boiling water and leave at a medium temperature). Keep string.

Allow the mars bars to melt a little and add the margarine. 

Keep stirring into a gooey but runny substance. Top tip use a tea towel to hold the bowl it get's pretty warm.

Once the mars bars is nice a running.

Usually takes me around 10 minuets. Add the rice krispies. I have no measurements for this as I just pour until all the rice krispies are covered in the mixture. 

Pour the rice krispies into a tray and use a spatular to flatten down.

Now you need to melt down the Galaxy chocolate. 
I just use the same bowl as the one I've just poured the rice krispies out of to save on washing up.

Break down the chocolate pop in the bowl and place over the pan again and keep stirring until the chocolate is runny.

Then drizzle all over the tray of mars bar covered rice krisipies. 

^^^ Sorry for the out of focus photo but you get the point.
Smooth down with a spatular to ensure the chocolate is covered evenly. 

Place in the fridge for around 45 minutes. 

Then take a knife with the chocolate semi set and score how your how big you would like your pieces to be.  

Makes it a million times easier once the chocolate is completely set. 

Trust me it's so simple and the tastiest sweet treat. 

When you make it please tweet me a picture @katiejaneonline. Go on. Make me jealous. 
Mars Bar Slab Recipe

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