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I was tagged by my friend and fellow blogger Danielle over on While I'm young and skinny.

Which by the way is the best name for a blog I have ever come a cross!!

I've answered Danielle's question's and I've tagged 4 other lovely bloggers in. I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit more and how I like to travel.

1. Do you ever travel to the same place twice? Where?

Yes, lot's of places. Rome (my favourite city in world) Marbella (I was nearly born there), Paris (Will forever be close to my heart), The Carribean (I've been to lot's of Island's, which I love) Dublin (There's Irish in my blood, I go there a lot)

^Scotland Loch Lomond

^ St Lucia

2. Have any destinations surprised you?

South Africa. Completely blew me away with beauty and the friendliness of everyone.

Las Vegas. I surprised myself there partied way more than I thought I ever could, but I loved the strip so much. Everything was so huge in Vegas. 

^ Las Vegas

3. Have any destinations been a bit of a disappointment?

I can't think of one. I thought New York would be different, more movie like. But I still absolutely loved it. 

^ New York

4. What’s your favourite travel memory?

My Dad and I in 1999 did a road trip to see the eclipse of the sun. We went into the mountains in the Ardennes (France.) Which was the best place to see it. We only had one pair of the special glasses to see the eclipse and Dad gave them to me. I always remember saying to him. "Why don't we rip them in half?" and he said that no I want you to see it. I did. I remember it so well and my poor Dad didn't. I was 8 years old and I remember the road trip like yesterday. It took us 7 days to go from Durham to Marbella in Spain. I remember every night we had together like yesterday. I was a really bad eater when I was young and it was also the first time I ever cleared my plate. My Dad gave me so much praise and I can still remember how proud I felt. That was the best trip/memory of my life and something I will never forget.

Also another one, my Dad and I did a road trip last March. We had both had a day at work and we needed to be in Milan at 1300 the following day and go to Le Creuset in France on the way. We did it. With no sleep. Dad drove all the way (I did nap.) We arrived in Milan saw who we needed too and left the meeting lasted around 10 minutes. On the way out of the crazy Milan traffic I was shattered, Dad asked me if I'd ever been to Switzerland before? I hadn't so he drove me there. We hadn't been to bed since Sunday night. It was now Tuesday afternoon. Dad drove me all the way to Switzerland just so it was another country I could tick off my list.

There you have it. Two of my all time favourite travel memories.

^ Switzerland

5. What kind of travel do you do? Budget backpacking or luxury splurges?

I'm more of a luxury travel kind of girl. I once stayed in a hostel in Barcelona when I was 16. It put me off them a bit.

^ Dubai

6. Have you managed to see a lot of your home country?

No where near as much as I would like too. I really want to go down to Cornwall for a holiday.

^ Ghent Belgium

7. What are your three top Bucket List destinations?

Fiji, Bali and Australia. I have got no idea when I'll get there, but I will! I also want to go to Iceland, Grand Cayman, Thailand and Japan. But no rush.

^ Barbados 

8. What’s the best part of travel for you?

After a flight it has to be getting a shower when I arrive. I always feel incredibly dirty after a flight. 

^ Coming home from Dublin

9. What’s the number one mistake new travellers make?

I've never been a 'traveller' as such before. So I can't possibly say.

^ Dominca 

10. How much of the year do you spend travelling?

All of my holidays at work at spent on travelling to new destinations. I've never taken a gap year. After I left school at 16 I went straight to work. I think it will always be a regret of mine that I didn't travel. I'd love to take a month or so out of work and travel around a little bit. But I'm not 100% sure I'd ever get the time. 

^ Port Banus Marbella

11. What’s the best and worst bit of having a heart full of wanderlust?

Worst bit, everything I've wrote above. I want to go to so many different places. Oh and the money issue. But that's a whole other problem. 

The best bit. My love for travel (which I get from my Dad) will never die. There is always somewhere I want to go. Always some where I want to be. Durham will be my home forever, but the world will always be where I really want to be.

I would like to nominate Katie Meehan, Charlene from LeeshaStarr, Orianna-Rosa from Oriannasoracle, Morgan Moogypops,

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11. What is your favourite holiday memory?

 Katie Jane Travels

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