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Hana Hana - Newcastle

Wednesday last week was mental. 

The phone at work never stopped ringing, I was so behind on writing up any form of blog post and the emails were falling in from all over (real life work and blog work.)

'It's better to busy than quiet' is what I always tell myself. After all it's factory fortnight and the summer shut down in Europe is getting ever closer. 

Anyway I digress. This is a lifestyle blog not a business blog. The boy obviously saw I needed cheering up so he booked us in to Hana Hana. My favourite Japanese restaurant in the North East. 

At the bottom of Stowell street (on Bath lane) Hana Hana is located. A little bit out the way. You wouldn't just happen to walk past the restaurant, you have to know where you're going to get there. 

Hana hana is a favourite of local celebrities. There's often a footballer or two there. 

As we arrived there was no need for menu's. We've been enough to know exactly what we wanted. 

Beers for the boys to start off with and 3 order's of string of pearl's. It's my favourite set banquet that Hana hana do and that's the menu I'm going to talk you through today. 

When you are shown to your seat, the waiter bangs on the drum and all the waiters collectively say something. I've been on google to find out why this is, it is obviously some Japanese tradition. But I couldn't find out on the web. I've always wondered why they do this. Next time I go I will ask. (Unless you know?)  

Moving to our table. Which seemed a little big for 3 of us. But quickly filled up with other diners. 

Our banquet started off with scallops and crab meat and Japanese mayonnaise. 

Followed by chicken satay skewers.

The chicken satay is my abosuly favourite. Not sticky just perfectly nutty chicken.

As we were eating our starters, the meat arrived and so did our chef for the evening. 

Who lit up his work station for the evening. 

And our table slowly started to fill up. 

He got straight on to making our next course. 

 Swordfish in a teriyaki/lemon sauce. 

As soon as we finished the swordfish the next course was ready. 

King Prawns in lemon juice and mopping up the teriyaki sauce that was left from the swordfish. The teriyaki sauce is the best I've ever tasted. 

Then the fun starts. 

Yes, that is our chef juggling eggs. 

The aim of this game is to get the egg in the hat. I have never succeed in doing so. Obusioubly I was going to try and break that tradition on this trip. 

Got my hat on nice and secure. Time to get the egg in the hat. 

And as you guessed I failed again. In fact the chef caught the egg. So I had no idea where it was going.  

I did have one more go. But I ended up hitting the chef behind me. I felt so bad as his leg was covered in egg. 

After my egg incident I thought it was best I just carried on eating the food rather than throwing it around. But then the next game came along. 

Our chef had fried an egg. Cut it up in to tiny bits and then launched it at us. 

I am proud to say that I was the only girl on my table who caught the egg in my month. I think that means I have a huge gob! 

It was one of the girls birthday, so the chef decided to make her a happy birthday treat.

We all sang happy birthday then some more fire again. 

 Just as I was thinking I couldn't eat anymore, more food was being prepared. 

The best egg fried rice. I could eat bowls and bowls of this on it's own. But R told me to slow down as there was some chicken on the way. 

The sticky teriyaki sauce tastes amazing. R and I have asked numerous times for the recipe. Which Hana hana have always told us it is complete secret. 

I wolfed down the chicken as it is my favourite course. But of course the meal wasn't over just yet. 

The last meat course was filet steak cooked medium and then diced into little cubes. 

I used as much sauce that was left over from the chicken to eat with the steak. 

While we were eating our steak the chef began to prepare our final course.

The vegetable course.

I honestly couldn't eat one bean sprout I was so full. 

Hana hana is a wonderful evening. The service is fantastic, the food is absolutely delicious. 

It was the perfect evening that I needed to get over the stress of work. 

The String of pearl banquet is £26.90. I think it's a pretty good price as you get entertainment (the chef) and all the course's of food. It's the drink's that make the bill expensive. 

If you've got a first date looming Hana hana is the perfect place to bring them, as there is a lot of people joining you on the table if the conversation goes sour everyone always chats to each other. 

Also perfect for business meetings/get togethers. As I said the tables are large you can see everyone and talk to people easily. 

When you go, please ask for the teriyaki sauce recipe. If you get it I promise you cook you some chicken teriyaki from scratch. 

Hana Hana Newcastle

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