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Gusto - Newcastle

I've said it before I'll say it again, I love Italian food. 

On Monday Chloe and I head out to Gusto's so I could get my fix of Italian.

The menu was huge, and it all sounded so good. I couldn't make my mind up if I wanted pizza, pasta, a seafood dish? 

As I couldn't make my mind up on what I wanted to ordered. The waiter so kindly brought us some rosemary bread and some mixed olives to pick at while we made up our minds. 

My Fitbit tends to get in all my photos/vlogs. It's not very attractive but I still love it. 

I love dry white, I'm quite picky when it comes to wine. The waiter recommend this Sauvignon blanc to us and it was delicious.

We got talking to the waiter and as I didn't have a clue on what I wanted I took his advice. It was between a pasta dish and a chicken dish. He told me the chicken dish was the first thing that caught his eye when he started working there. 

So of course I had to order it. 

Chicken breast with creamed leeks and butter fried gnocchi. 

With a side order of spinach with sea salt, to keep my vegetable in take up. 

Chloe ordered something that caught my eye on the menu. Peking pizza. Crispy duck with a hoisin base topped with coriander and spring onions. 

I can't vouch for how it tasted. But the fact that Chloe didn't have a scrap left on her pizza board, I'm taking it as she really enjoyed it. 

Going out with Chloe is great we talk about everything. The conversation never stops. 

The restaurant was extremely busy for a Monday night, I was pretty impressed with how quick the service was too. Our waiter (who's name escapes me) had fantastic knowledge on all the food and wine on the menu. 

When the dessert menu came I did't even need to look, everyone had told me to try the nutella and mascarpone calzone. I'm a huge fan of nutella so that was the only thing that I really wanted to try anyway. 

No photo I took does this dessert justice. You just need to go and try it, it's so much better than everyone describe to me. Like a little bit of heaven on a plate. No exaggeration. 

Sadly Chloe has a nut allergy, I felt so bad repeating how good it was knowing she couldn't try it. Despite me offering it to her at least twice! 

Chloe opted for Chocolate coffee mousse which was more allergy friendly. 

The chocolate and coffee mousse is something Chloe told me she ordered a lot and always looked forward to the mini doughnuts (also called Bombolini). She explained that the mini doughnuts were never on the menu it was her little secret that she knew. Asking the waiter where they had gone he wasn't aware it was even a thing but he did offer some to Chloe. 

I really like the decor in Gusto's. It's modern, light and comfortable. Perfect for any date night, with friends or with that special someone. 

I had a wonderful evening with Chloe. It's very strange going out for dinner with a blogger whose blog I used to read before I became a blogger myself. 

As I was walking back along the Quayside it was very dark and grey. A horrible sign that Summer may have been and gone. 

I had obviously had far too good of a time in Gusto as when I looked at my watch my train was leaving in 10 minuets. I then had to run up Dean Street. 

Red faced and out of breath I arrived at the train station looking up to the screens that have all the platforms on to see that my train didn't leave for another 20 minuets. 

Angry with myself and the rubbish app on my phone I had to get a bottle of water to rehydrate me. Running with a full stomach of food and wine is never the best idea. Even if your train is about to leave. 

Check out my other post on Gusto about their Aperitivio menu.

Gusto Newcastle 

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