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Gusto Newcastle - Aperitvio Menu

Wednesday night marked the launch of Gusto’s new Aperitivo menu.

It’s no secret around these parts that I love a good cocktail. Mix a good cocktail with a meat and cheese board you’re we’re talking about my perfect Wednesday evening.
(You also know about my love for anti pasta boards as I mentioned in my trip to cafe Vivo.)

Gusto is on the Quayside right next to the Millennium Bridge. It was raining so I arrived wet and in desperate need of a drink.

Luckily, I wasn’t waiting too long, a Raspberry and Rosemary sling was handed to me extremely quickly after ordering. (Who doesn’t love quick service when you’re soaking wet!)

The cocktails were going down all too well so I was extremely pleased when the wooden boards of food came out.

We were given 2 boards each. The first had 3 different cheeses’ which included my all time favourite, mozzarella. Accompanied with 2 slices of Italian bread and some chutney.

The second board had the meat. 
With the food also came my second cocktail of the evening. Which just happened to be the most instagramable cocktail I’ve never had.

Redcurrant Mai Tai. Mai Tai’s are something I usually drink on the beach but a redcurrant one reminded me so much of Christmas. I think it was the cranberries, but mixing both of my favourite times of the year. (Christmas and summer) In a drink is a genius idea. It went down like a dream.  
As we were chatting away Phil came over to tell who was downstairs. Being in Newcastle you’re used to seeing the odd footballer around even Ant or Dec on the odd occasion shopping but nothing prepared me for Brenda Bellingham (Vera from the ITV series Vera). I was SO excited we were dining in the same restaurant as her. My sister, Emily watches Vera all the time. When I plucked up the courage to ask for her Autograph for Emily  but Phil did get a Selfie with her.
To get over my disappointment and the fact the conversation was flowing I ordered one more cocktail for the road.
Pineapple Bellini. I have never had/heard of a Pineapple Bellini before.
It was so good I could have drunk a whole bucket of it. As the Bellini was going  down all too  well it was time for me to catch some fresh air and walk home.
The Aperitivo at the Gusto comes with a board of meat or cheese and 2 cocktails for £15.. Amazing value as 2 cocktails would probably cost that on the Quayside anyway.
It was raining when I was there last Wednesday so I was safely kept dry inside but there was a great outdoor area where I imagine my friends and I would sit after a day at work chilling out in the sun.
I did manage to Vlog the evening. I’m just struggling to get the music in on youtube. I've still uploaded it thought. If you have any tips please let me know.

Hope you're enjoying the sun. It's a little cloudy in Santorini at the moment but don't worry I've still got plenty to blog about.
 Gusto Newcastle

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