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Girls Night In

I've had such a busy week at work I'm exhausted. 

Trying to keep my career on top and blog can sometimes be quite tiring but I do really enjoy it. 

Being exhausted meant I needed some girl time. I called up Clare and Emily and we arranged a girls night. 

Clare has an amazing huge Panasonic TV that is huge so we decided to head over to her house. Plus that meant some cuddles with Harvey. You've met Harvey before in Alfie's post.

Harvey is only a puppy, he loves playing. 

Believe me you get tired before he does playing fetch. 

I've gave up. Harvey was always going to win at playing fetch. 

Me being tired out and Clare and Emily wanting to watch the TV it was time to settle down and watch friends. 

I love Friends. It's my happy TV show. I've more than likely seen every episode over 10 times but it just doesn't get old. I really hope they bring out Friends the movie but I have a feeling that time has been and passed sadly. 

Harvy wasn't best pleased when we turned our attention to something other than him. 

Emily also did our nails as we're heading off on holiday today. More posts to come on that. But don't forget to follow me on instagram and twitter (@katiejaneonline) to keep up to date on what we're up too. 

The perfect midweek relaxing night that I needed. I love having girly night's in like this. It's the best way to catch up what everyone has been up too. 

How would you spend a perfect girls night in? 

Girls Night In 

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