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Betty Miller's Oven Baked Dog Biscuits

Hello my name is Alfie,

You may have seen me on various blog post's before on my sister Katie's blog. She also like's to post photo's of me all over on instagram @katiejaneonline, who can blame her? I'm bloody gorgeous and don't I know it. 

Well a few weeks ago I was very lucky enough to be sent some dog treats by the dog loving people from Betty Miller.

Betty Miller's dog treats are so good for us doggies. Made in the UK and oven baked I was struggling to see what wasn't to love about these treats.

But then I found out. I needed thumbs to get into the packet. But luckily Katie was on hand to help.

There were lot's of treat's, far too many for me to gobble all on my own so I recruited some of friends along for a taste test.  

Molly front left, Harvey at the back and well you know me, front right.

Harvey the beagle, he's only a puppy so we need to take good care of him. 

That's why we gave Harvey the special Puppy dog treats. High in digestible protein.

It took Katie ages to get a picture of Harvey. He's a lively pup who isn't keen on sitting still. I was a bit like Harvey boy in my puppy days but I'm getting old now, I'm much more calm.

Oh Molly is getting excited for her treats. But these one's are for Harvey. 

Harvey loved them so much he kept asking the camera for more.

Harvey gobbled a few after Katie kept telling him to 'SIT' and 'give paw', he's still learning though. I give him a few weeks, he'll learn a few tricks in no time.

Molly the bichion frise, Molly is my long time girlfriend. 

Molly is such a relaxed dog so she picked the chilled dog treat's which are filled with herbs and smelt delicious.

As for me, well my family have nicknamed me fatzo. They call me this because I love eating but not that keen on walking. I don't understand, why walk when one can be carried?

So I got Chubby dog treats. Low in calories (whatever they are) but still very tasty.

Katie kept teasing me so unless she wanted my head to be inside the bag of treats she had better give me one quick.

They were so yummy I wolfed them down.

Then Katie told me to sit.

Well if Katie asks me to sit that can only mean 1 thing, there's a treat coming my way.

We had a good old chin wag after our tasting session and we came to the conclusion. All 3 of us LOVED the treats.

All the treats we were eating were gluten and wheat free. Which I've heard is really healthy.

When Dad take's me out on the dreaded walk (which he does 4 times a day), Dad always carries treats with him, you know some to bribe me back to him when I'm off the lead. Recently I've requested Fussy dog.

I'm not fussy I just know what I like and I love Betty Miller's blend of Salmon in the doggy bones.

You can buy Betty's treats online for your furry friend. Go on you not you want to treat your loved one.

Well I'm off to ask the squirrel who lives in the garden just who he think's he is? Doesn't he know the garden is my land?

Betty Miller's Oven Baked Dog Treats.

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