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Zen Durham

Zen is one of my favourite places to dine. It's stylish, great cocktails and better food.

Thai Asian dining right in the heart of Durham.

I have friends from Thailand and when they come to Durham Zen is always top of their list of places to visit. So you know it's good when Thai locals like the food.

Whenever R and I want a quick tea or a late supper we always see ourselves coming to Zen.

I love all the cocktails that they do at Zen. For this date night I ordered a Strawberry Mojito. It was bloody beautiful. 

For food we kept it simple only ordering main course.

R kept it pretty healthy ordering Dim Sum. Prawn ravioli, open chicken and pork & bamboo. There were 3 of each. It came with a sticky black (very spicy) vinegar dip.

Me on the other hand, I ordered the seriously garlic prawns. Yes they did live up to their name and yes I did smell like garlic for the rest of the evening.

They were bloody delicious. Even if I did end up smelling like I could kill off a vampire.

Whenever anyone tells me they are coming to Durham and don't really want to leave the city for dinner I point them in Zen's direction. The atmosphere is always buzzing. Great for a pre night out bite to eat. 

If you're planning a trip I'd book in advance. There's been a few times where R and I have sat in the bar for dinner. It's not exactly comfortable. In face my profile picture (top right hand of the blog) was taken when we didn't book a table and were demoted to the bar.

Zen Durham

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